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How to reduce the extent of damage when the largest sheet metal processing

release time2016-05-20 01:04:48 

1. In the model selected hardware accessories, specifications, performance standards and to comply with the relevant provisions of the State, and to match the choice of steel doors and windows.

2. Install the hardware application fastening screws, which must be located inside a metal liner, liner thickness greater than 2-fold from the teeth of the fastener.

3. After the installation of metal stamping parts to do regular maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion.

4. The doors and windows locked window in the door handle to be assembled into the box before. locations To ensure accuracy, the switch to be flexible.

5. The width of over one meter above the sliding window or double-glazed windows and doors to set up a dual pulley.

6. The friction stay hinges made of stainless steel.

7. Use caution during light off light opening.

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